Hors’doeuvres & Finger Foods

Beetroot Tarts - Filo pastry with roasted beetroot, walnut, soft goats cheese & wilted spinach
Anti Pasto pick - Prosciutto, marinated olive, bocconcini cheese, cherry tomato & basil with a balsamic dressing
Tasmanian Smoked Salmon - roll ups filled with cream cheese, capers, chives & red onion
Mini triple layer sandwiches - Smoke salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, chicken, avocado, sun dried tomato, cheese
Prawn Toast - Tiger Prawns fanned, coated with a Bernaise sauce & sesame seeds
Herb Toasts – Grilled Cacciatore Sausage, Olive & Feta Topping
Mediterranean Crostini - tomato salsa with pesto & Mozzarella cheese
Rice Crackers - Toped with Brie, oven roasted egg plant & chives
Ribbon Sandwiches - with assorted meats, salads & vegetarian fillings
Gourmet Open Cut Sandwiches - topped with assorted meats, seafood & salad
Crostini mini French stick - topped with mango chutney, smoked cheese caviar, cranberry & parsley
Crostini mini French stick - topped with avocado, prawn, lemon rind & parsley
Pumpkin bread square - topped with cream cheese, salmon & dill
Rye bread square - topped with cranberry sauce, red Leicester cheese, yogurt, capsicum & parsley
Sour Dough - topped with pickle, Gouda cheese, champagne ham, sun dried tomato & parsley 
Bruschetta - crostini toast with herb tomatoes, sea salt, basil, onion & garlic
Tortilla Picks - Chicken cheese & asparagus filling
Stuffed Mushrooms - fresh button mushroom filled with crab meat, chilli & chives
Stuffed string peas - with cream cheese, dill, cumin seeds & lemon juice
Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes - with blue cheese & spinach
Sushi - Tandoori chicken, tuna, vegetarian, prawn, Californian & salmon, made fresh daily
Vietnamese rice paper rolls cocktail size - Pork, chicken, beef & tofu with hoisin, sweet chili & satay dipping sauces
Salami Rolls - salami stuffed with sun-dried tomato & onion & topped with a Kalamatta olive
Ham & Asparagus Rolls - with oven roasted capsicum
Devilled Eggs - garnished with a mild mustard mayonnaise
Wholemeal Pikelets - with creamy egg topping & garnished with caviar & parsley
Wholemeal Pikelets - topped with caramelized pear & marmalade 
Seafood Shells - pastry shells with traditional seafood sauce & char-grilled prawns
Pastry Cups - fresh avocado, sun-dried tomato & Camembert cheese
Cucumber Cups - fresh avocado, sun-dried tomato & Camembert cheese
Zucchini Slice - char grilled with garlic & olive oil topped with tomato, onion, capsicum & cheese
Zucchini feta bites  - with tzatziki sauce for dipping
BBQ Chicken Bites - chicken breast marinated with barbecue, Tandoori & Cajun sauces
Chorizo Sausage - topped with roasted mushroom & cherry tomato
Chili Crab Bites - Fresh crab meat, parsley & chili cream cheese
Melon Balls – Toped with Proschiutto


Spicy Lamb koftas - with minted yoghurt sauce
Chicken Skewers - satay, honey & soy or BBQ
Chicken Wings - hot & spicy Tandoori, Indian Butter or Satay
Swiss mushrooms - filled with lamb & ricotta
Cocktail Pies - beef, chicken, lamb & vegetarian 
Pumpkin Roll - fresh potato, onion, pumpkin & celery in puff pastry
Spinach & Ricotta Parcels - served with char-grilled vegetable relish
Homemade Savoury Sausage Roll - our very own light & tasty
Turkey pine nut sausage rolls
Turkey & Cranberry Puffs
Curry beef & vegetable madras puffs
Assorted Mini Quiche - Lorraine, mushroom, vegetable, chicken & corn
Three Bean Basket – tartlet filled with Mediterranean tomato filling
Vegetable Samosa - light pastry served with minted yoghurt
Meat Samosa - traditional beef filled pastry served with yoghurt
Vienna Scrolls - Vienna sausage wrapped in pastry & served with a mild German mustard
Asian Pastries - seafood mini-stick, Indian curry puff, Thai vegetable money bags
Flame grilled ground beef meatballs
Minted lamb meat ball
Chicken & coriander bites
Beef sausage cheddar cheese bites
Mini Szechuan chicken parcels - Spicy diced chicken with roasted capsicum & orange zest
Chicken & Asparagus turnovers - Creamy chicken filling with a hint of asparagus, wrapped in puff pastry
Crumbed fish Bites - with tartare sauce 
Grilled scallop & prawn cocktail kebabs - with coriander lemon sauce
Half shell New Zealand mussels - with a chili tomato salsa
Tiger Prawns - wrapped in bacon served with a béarnaise sauce
Thai Fish Cakes - topped with sour cream, sweet chilli & cucumber
Seafood Mornay Vol u Vents - Pastry shells with a fish prawn & crab mornay filling
Chat Potatoes - filled with tomato salsa & topped with cheese, bacon & mozzarella
Cajun chat potatoes wrapped in bacon
Almond crusted eggplant fingers with tomato tarts - with tomato salsa sauce (Vegan)
Mini  couscous stuffed peppers (Vegan)
Mini camembert sundried tomato tarts (Vegetarian)
Deluxe Pizzas squares - Lamb roasted capsicum & yoghurt or Garlic prawn & avocado or Chicken, bacon & mushroom & Roasted pumpkin feta spinach chick pea red onion & fig (vegetarian)
Frittata - roasted vegetable or ham & corn

Note for an extra $3.50 per person, per item we can include these in your selected items:

Mini Burgers - Beef & Chicken homemade patties
Mini pulled pork rolls - with coleslaw
Lamb Cutlets - Crumbed with your choice of Spicy or Mild Mexican
Oyster Shooters - Vodka, lemon & tomato juice with Worcestershire sauce
Fillet Mignon Kebabs - Sirloin steak cubes wrapped in bacon with garlic butter & mushroom sauce.



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