Beverage Full Package Deal

Price Range Selections

White Wine  
Mad Fish Premium Western Australian White 
Moss Brothers Moses Rock Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 
Yalumba Chardonnay 

Red Wine 
Wolf Blass Red Label Cabernet Merlot 
Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet 
Leaping Lizard Western Australia Cabernet Merlot 
Sparkling Wine
Asti Riccadonna
Angus Brut

Beer Stubbs
Tooheys Extra Dry
Carlton Mid Strength
Hahn Light

Soft Drink
Coke, Diet Coke, Lemon Squash, 
100% Orange Juice and Still Water 


Package price for a 2 hour service $23.70 per person

Package price for a 3 hour service $29.40 per person

Package price for a 4 hour service $33.80 per person

Min 20 guests Does not include equipment or staff.

Prices includes GST,


NOTE: Additional staff available if you require the drinks to be walked around your guests @ $44 / hour / staff member. (ratio 1 staff member per 50 guests)

Alcoholic Drinks Package Authorisation 

By employing Temptations Catering to supply your Alcoholic Drinks Package you are recognising that it is the legal responsibility of Temptations Catering staff to carry out the Responsible Service of Alcohol. 
Through our liquor licence (609210437617)Temptations Catering is authorised to sell you liquor for the supply at your venue / home for the duration of your function, as pre-agreed, or up to the hours stipulated on Temptations liquor licence.
 You may like to be aware that under the Liquor Control Act it is an offence to serve: 
• Those displaying violent, quarrelsome, offensive and / or disorderly behaviour 
• Juveniles (we will require proof of age for anyone we suspect may be under the age of 18 years. The only acceptable proof of age will be; current Australian drivers license with photo / current passport [original] / proof of age card [issued by police]) 
• Guests displaying signs of intoxication 
• Anyone outside function area (within the boundaries of clients property / venue, if outside venue the allocated area authorised by the local council) 
• Anyone outside the pre-agreed times should any of the above apply, guest/s will be refused (further) service of alcohol, and you as the host will be informed of the situation. It is also an offence for anyone to obtain or try to obtain alcohol for a juvenile. Under the Liquor Control Act juveniles are permitted on licensed premises provided they are under the constant supervision of a responsible adult.
 The Liquor Control Act defines a responsible adult as a Parent, Step parent, Loco parentis (someone providing food, clothing & shelter), Legal Guardian or a Spouse.
For large functions, and certain outdoor locations, it may be a requirement of the Director of Liquor Licensing, that Temptations Catering employs Crowd Controllers. The number of crowd controllers required is set by THE DIRECTOR OF LIQUOR LICENSING please be advised that the charge of which will be incurred by you, the client. 
Security personnel will monitor the behaviour of guests, and if instructed, are permitted to remove guests for behavioural reasons. 
Standard drinks served (10g of alcohol) • Full strength beer – 285ml (middy) • Wine – 100ml • Sparkling / Champagne – 100ml • Port – 60ml • Regular spirits – 30ml
PLEASE NOTE • Service will commence and cease at agreed times. Staff on site outside of these times, through circumstances out of the control of Temptations Catering such as speeches, will incur additional charges. 
• Bar staff will notify guests of “last drinks” approximately 20 minutes prior to the end of service. After this, no further beverages will be served by Temptations Catering. 
• Breakages of equipment will be chargeable to the client following a stock inventory at the conclusion of service or count by our hire company. 
• Surplus beverages are brought to each function to ensure adequate supply. All remaining beverages, together with any equipment brought to the function by Temptations Catering will leave with staff at the conclusion of service. 
• Customer supplied alcohol is not to be consumed during the service period and staff may exercise the right to confiscate any alcohol being consumed which has not been purchased through Temptations Catering.

I, __________________________________, hereby authorise Temptations Catering and their staff to carry out the Responsible 

Service of Alcohol at my function on __________________________ 

Function Address_________________________________________________________________________________

Service to commence at _________________ Service to cease at_______________

Signed: _______________________________________Print Name: _______________________________________ 

Date: _______________________________________________ Please complete and return by fax to 9444 3768 or Scanned and emailed to or dropped to Unit 12/50 Howe Street Osborne Park 6017


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